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I woke up this morning with a strange and sudden desire to disapear into the mountains for a couple of days. And the feeling still hasn't left me, but I feel an odd sense of calm.
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Clearly I've been working too hard

Yes, I now ship MarriageXDivorce!

And I even wrote a drabble for them!


She looks at the woman standing at her side, crying unabashedly and sighs, “After more than ten thousand years, how can you still cry at these things” “Just look at them pledging themselves to each other, so in love their whole lives ahead of them-” “If you start singing ‘Can you feel the love tonight’ I swear I’ll leave” her companion nods, but there is a mischievous look in her eyes which tells her that she is going to hear that song at some point in the night and she won’t be able to do a damn thing about it, so she only sighs again and looks back at the bride and groom. “Whatever, but I’ll reserve my tears for when she finds out that he’s sleeping with her sister” “Don’t say that! You’ll jinx it” exclaims her companion punching her in the arm, “it was just a guess” “Well sometimes your ‘guesses’ are entirely too accurate” She was going to say that it wasn't some sort of magic but cold hard fact that made her guesses so accurate, but as much as her friend loved debating this with her (she was in fact hoping that they would have one of their ‘debates’ later that night) she got the feeling that pushing the point now would not go down well with her and she knew better than pushing Marriage to far.
Divorce was therefore rather surprised when her friend put her arm around her waist pulling her towards her, “Don’t be sad” she says resting her head against her shoulder, her eyes still fixed on the couple at the alter, “You should have a little more faith in them, we are their children after all”

Yay Deutschland!!

Yay Germany won 4-0!

Muller was just brilliant!

And there where just so many unintended hilarious moments in the game, like some crazy timed close-ups, and I swear there was a point when it looked like Ronaldo was telling to ref to come at him, bro. But the best one had to be Pepe ‘headbutting’ Muller. I say ‘headbutting’ because it was more like a scene from a Rage comic than anything else, something along the lines of ‘imma boop your head’ *boop*

But Yay Germany!!


FIFA 2014

As glad as I am that Netherlands won so spectacularly against Spain, I was not amused that Japan lost today. Because seriously where the fuck was the offence? ok I'm just cranky because I gave up my weekly sleep for this.

It was a good game though and Cote D'Ivore really played well, but damn it Japan! You guys need to stop doing this to me!

/crosses fingers and prays they win against Greece and Colombia. 

Today I was efficiency personafied

Today, I somehow managed to get my work in the Family Court done, in a reasonable time, get back to my office and handle a minor crisis there, then get papers out of the High Court, bring and Associate from the said court back to Bandra, for Affirmation, all the while co-coordinating with a client, and once I got home, managed to identify and fix and issue with the plane tickets for my up-coming trip.

All this without breaking a sweat (or rather not sweating more than normal for this time of the year) and without a cigarette break.
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Meet my babies!


The one on top, is super social and wants live with me and be friends with a cat, only the cat is rather skiddish and him hiding in the staircase and cooing loudly in the dark doesn’t help matters. He also wants to live behind my computer for some reason.

The one below is a grumpy old man /ahem bird who has a bad leg (in my head he’s sort of an old war hero) and would just wants to be left alone, and will fight with the crows for this. But he does visit once in a while.


And now I'm making a relationship post, what has gotten into me lately?

With my prechant for fail I should really stay away from this sort of thing, but something is different this time, so I'm giving it a go, while totally ignoring the fact that my new found knowledge of romantic relationships may come from my experiences as a divorce lawyer.

If you guys have been following my journal for a while you'll will know that I'm pretty much a social and emotional retard (read: scared of my own feelings), while being the complete opposite of a romantic. So what I want to know is how the fuck has my life turned into a fucking shoujo manga??

I shit you not guys, its cutsey as fuck, I mean we met in a lift, for godsakes!

But here's the really shocker, I haven't run in the opposite direction!

But I really can't help wondering what would have happened if I had met this one when I was 16 ...
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