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Red Cliff Dub

I saw the English dub version of Red Cliff in the theater when it was show here, some months back, and yesterday, one of the channels said they were showing it so I decided to watch. But guess what? It was not that English version but one made in India. Which is all well and good, except that the people here don't know how to dub things properly and everybody sounded Indian, not that 'Indian' accent when appears in western films, but they sounded Indian, which was just bloody hilarious!!

What was even worse though was the editing, because they showed the scene with Zhou Yu and his wife after he had accept the sword from Sun Quan before then scene where Sun Quan agrees to the alliance, and it was such an obvious mistake than even someone who had not watched this movie before would have noticed it.

And then they also just hanged the dialogues where ever they pleased, so I was basically sitting there going 'What men?' and 'what their doing men?' for most of the thing.

So all in all I thing it would have been better if they had dubbed it in Hindi instead!

But I've had a lot of beer now so please excuse.
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