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ICC WC: India v/s Austraila

India is playing Australia for a position in the semi-finals today, and the excitement is almost palpable!  I was at my collage library today, and the lot of us were supposed to be studying, which we were, we just had to take breaks every hour to find out the score, and of course when we were near the canteen we were all huddled around the radio listening very eagerly. Its on days like this, when complete strangers will strike up conversation about the current match, what strategies should be used, who's played well this tournament, and will go on to other games that have already happened, as well as obligatory bitching about Pakistan and Australia. (they are our biggest rivals after all)  Just goes to show just how much we all love this sport!

India's doing quite well right now, but I'm still keeping my fingers crossed til the last ball is bowled!

And I finally got a Cricket Word Cup icon!
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