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And what a game it was! After starting of with a rather hilarious toss, and a good couple of overs things really seemed to be going downhill, and then went both our opening batsmen were dismissed (Sehwag for a duck and Sachin for 19) leaving the score 32-2 when we needed to make 275 it really seemed like the end, BUT IT WAS NOT!  Because the Captain M.S. Dhoni came in and saved the day, quite literally! And we won by 6 WICKETS!!

It's been 28 years since India last won the World Cup, so for a lot of us, and some of the men on the team, this was the first time India had won in our lifetimes! And the fact that we won on home turf just makes it sweeter!

And the euphoria afterward was just unimaginable, I mean I one point the roads were completely jammed with cars, and for once, no one seemed to give a damn about the traffic jam which in this city is a big deal. And at one point this one person started playing Boney M's Rasputin, from his car and we were just dancing alot to it!

It's really been on hell of a World Cup and one hell of a week!

Now I just need to get over this hangover and get some studying done D8
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