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Update of sorts

So my collage has pretty much screwed me over with suddenly becoming overly strict with attendance. At around the time when my results came out I had it all planned out, I had passed everything, got my grades up, and had a great internship lined up with an NGO which was promising me a permanent position if things worked out, and then my collage decides to continue where the University left off, and make attendance compulsory. And now the NGO says I've got to wait till I've got a month or so off to come, because they would like us to work the whole day instead of the half that my collage will allow me too.

But because I passed and got my grades up et all, my parents surprised me with an iTouch! And I'm so happy I could care less about the whole collage situation! Ok I still care about it, but I'm still rather happy and have been downloading apps every since! 
Of which I have found a very delightful compilation of the entire Sherlock Holmes series in 3D so I can still flip pages, which I reckon is the closest a virtual book can come to a real one.

And I've finally found a salon which while dye hair any colour you want as long as he has it in stock! So if at some point in the future a opportunity for cosplay arises I shall know where to get my hair done, its just unfortunate that I had to get a sort of unnecessary and what is defiantly the most expensive haircut of my life to get this information.
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