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Tiger & Bunny 25

Or as I like to call it, Sunrise continues to pull miraculous bullshit.

Here be spoilers:

Although all things considered, in terms of the miraculous bullshit sunrise has pulled in the past, *cough*00 raiser  sparkels of win*cough* this was on the believable side of the spectrum. While Kotetsu's death was explained away as passing out because of intense pain, and he also some how came too and recovered just in time to stop Maverick escaping was a little bit of an ass-pull (and lets not forget the androids safety mode activating just in the nick of time), it made for nice dramatic effect so ...

I like that Kotetsu didn't magically gain new powers or that his powers magically restored themselves, but that they continued to decline to the point that he can only activate them for 1 minute now, and that he's very proud of it. While it was a nice happy end to the season, it was believable so I'm really looking forward to the next season!

So in the end there was not so much miraculous bullshit, but just enough for it to be identifiable as a Sunrise show.
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