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The Birthday Post

Its two days late, but as the saying goes 'Better late, than never'

Its been so long since I posted directly to my lj, and everything is so different, I don't really know who is around here anymore, or what is going on really, even the look of the website is strange, the posting page which I am on right now too looks so different (apparently I can insert a map now?), and it feels as if I've come back to my home town after being away for years and its barely recognizable. Because truly lj was sort of like home, back in its day, and now ...

But I'm supposed to me making a Birthday Post here, and its become a sort of melancholy ramble, seems like I've turned into and old woman at twenty four. XD

Getting back what this post was supposed to be about, what wisdoms have I gained in the past year? Well I am now a practicing Advocate of the High Court at Bombay, but that doesn't necessarily make me any wiser, unless you count my ability to stay afloat while playing the ineffable game that is the Indian Judicial System as wisdom. But what else have I learnt?

  • The High Court at Bombay is pretty much Hogwarts. Its old, has towers, people walking around in black robes, and secret short cuts, we even have a McGonagall! ergo Hogwarts.

  • Getting Certified Copies from the Family Court is a nigh on impossible task.

  • Filing Appeals will kill you! And since what doesn't kill you only makes you stronger, so if the first one doesn't you'll live to Appeal again.

  • It always pays to be friends with clerks, always!

I was going to make a separate post about fandom things but I know i won't so I'll just do it here.

I have now finished five books of Wheel of Time, something which I never thought I do, and the reason I haven't read more, is because nights_fang sent me ebooks of the entire Song of Ice and Fire series, and I just dived in head first and have not looked back since! Even the fact that I already watched the tv series, did not stop my enjoyment of the books which it covered. I said I would finish the books before the next season started, but with the way I'm going I'm going to be done with it and will have to twiddle my thumbs till the next season starts in April next year, because I really can't put them down.

Other than Song and watching a few animes once in a while I've really been out of fandom, even though I'm rather active on tumblr, but it just isn't the same as it was here ... /sigh and here I am all melancholy again, so I'm just going to end it here, before this shit gets out of hand.
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