Nerra (ladyassassin27) wrote,

And now I'm making a relationship post, what has gotten into me lately?

With my prechant for fail I should really stay away from this sort of thing, but something is different this time, so I'm giving it a go, while totally ignoring the fact that my new found knowledge of romantic relationships may come from my experiences as a divorce lawyer.

If you guys have been following my journal for a while you'll will know that I'm pretty much a social and emotional retard (read: scared of my own feelings), while being the complete opposite of a romantic. So what I want to know is how the fuck has my life turned into a fucking shoujo manga??

I shit you not guys, its cutsey as fuck, I mean we met in a lift, for godsakes!

But here's the really shocker, I haven't run in the opposite direction!

But I really can't help wondering what would have happened if I had met this one when I was 16 ...
Tags: life
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